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The TED Tech event scheduled for September 2023 has been postponed.
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Where technology meets culture

TED Tech is a two-day event to shape and seize our collective future.
Technology holds the fate of our organizations and our societies in its fingertips.
We’re gathering leaders, technologists, and creators to shape a tech-powered future worth celebrating — and navigate this age of uncertainty.

Meet at the intersection of tech, commerce and culture.

Technology drives our collective future.
It's a future which feels more uncertain than ever before.

Rapid advances in AI, blockchain and extended reality are rapidly driving us towards an awe-inspiring future. But what will a future built on extraordinary technological progress actually look like? How might society and culture change as a result? And how can we keep pace with the changes to ensure that the world we create is open and prosperous for all?

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TED Tech will convene a group of future-focused minds in the heart of London. It’s up to leaders from the trinity of disciplines – technology, commerce and culture – to ensure that the future we’re hurtling towards is prosperous and welcoming for all. Join us to create societies worth celebrating, and help shape the future our world is hurtling towards.

Attend TED Tech to...
Lead the way

Be at the forefront of shaping our world with access to the latest advancements in technology and creative innovation.

Collaborate with experts

Challenge your thinking with top thinkers, creators and designers eager to build new solutions.

Grow a global network

Meet leaders, entrepreneurs and investors and explore new possibilities.

Step into the future

Meet the pioneers of AI, blockchain and extended reality who play an active role in defining our collective future.

Create and innovate

Be at the forefront of shaping our world with access to the latest advancements in technology and creative innovation.

Two days of ideas and connections
Experience two days dedicated to inspiring TED Talks, connections, new discoveries and hands-on workshops. Take time between stage sessions to explore real-world applications, activations and art exhibits.
Day 1

A day dedicated to inspiring talks, connections over lunch and new discoveries. Includes three stage sessions from up-and-coming world changers and deep-dive workshops, focused on inspiring possibilities across technology, art and culture.

Day 2

Deeper immersion into the topics from day one, including talks from leaders shaping the path of emerging technology and crafting solutions to today’s (and tomorrow’s) critical issues. Plus a closing reception to wrap up the conference and connect with other attendees.

In attendance

TED Tech is where pioneers gather to shape the future of the internet. A forum that takes cutting-edge insights from blockchain, AI, and extended reality, and asks the big questions about what this means for culture, commerce, society, and beyond.

We’re a diverse home for entrepreneurs and artists, executives and activists, investors and creators, united by a shared passion for innovation. A home for those who seek to ignite their imagination and challenge their perspectives. A home for dreamers, builders, and creatives. Explorers and change-makers. Visionary thinkers and doers, shaping the future of the internet. Come shape it with us.

Technologists and innovators to showcase their ideas to the world, and who want to learn how to connect with the values and emotions that drive society onward.

Cultural leaders who understand how to inspire motivate change in the world, and who want to learn how technology is transforming the ways we connect and create.

Futurists, thinkers, and investors charged with anticipating and shaping the future – near and far.

What is Culture3?

Culture3 is a platform to engage society in the story of a better future.

We are facing existential technology disruption. Artificial intelligence could create a post-scarcity future, but also risks the decline of humanity. Blockchain could enable a truly prosperous digital commons, or it could empower financial anarchy. The metaverse promises super-communities, but digital isolation threatens that path.

Culture3 exists to guide the narrative to shape a more positive future. We believe that technology paves the road, but culture defines the destination. It is culture that inspires the action which dictates real-world outcomes. It is cultural narratives that most effectively drive change.

Our mission: harness the power of culture to ensure that new technologies deliver progress for all.

What is TED?

TED began in 1984 as a conference where Technology, Entertainment and Design converged, but today it spans a multitude of worldwide communities and initiatives exploring everything from science and business to education, arts and global issues.

In addition to the hundreds of TED Talks curated from our annual conferences and published on, we produce original podcasts, short video series, animated TED-Ed lessons and TV programs that are translated into more than 100 languages and distributed via partnerships around the world.

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